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innovative acoustics

Smart Acoustics is a developer of novel smart acoustic solutions for noise abatement, home entertainment, and public spaces. Our main drive is to develop highly innovative technological solutions to existing problems in acoustics.

Our Team

Who We Are

Our team is our strength. Composed of energetic individuals that worked together before on creating innovative solutions, the team spells out success.

MEng in acoustics. Over 10 years professional experience as Chief Engineer for Audio Technologies in national broadcasting corporation. Manages SMACS on day-to-day basis.


Managing Director

MEng in acoustics engineering and CEO of Dirigent Acoustics.

Business leader, key creative driver on all projects.

SMACS co-founder.


Creative & Business Lead

PhD in acoustical engineering. Assistant Professor at Institute Mihailo Pupin. Technical project lead. SMACS co-founder.


Technical Lead

PhD in nanophotonics. Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade. Broad overview of nanotechnology and associated markets; scientific project lead. SMACS co-founder.


Science and Product Management


Sound How You Like It Silence When You Need It

We create acoustic solutions for noise insulation and increased acoustic comfort. Our solutions employ the latest technology for the benefit of our customers. We pride ourselves in the experience of our team that has successfully realized acoustic goniometers, acoustic cameras, wireless microphones, graphene microphones, and sound measurements and control software.


Keep In Touch

Tel.: +381 (0)11 400 24 86

Mazuraniceva 29/9

11000 Beograd, serbia

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